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You know when you see that hottie at the bus stop, and without really intending to, your mind starts playing out an elaborate fantasy? You’re trying not to stare or be creepy, but you’re also trying to figure out what kind of underwear she’s got on, and you’re starting to get hard… And for the rest of the day, this daydream plays through your head, distracting you at work and making it hard to focus?

Yeah, this site is about those thoughts. Please read, enjoy yourself, and feel free to leave a comment.
  • July 22, 2014 10:00 am

    The Help

    She pays me to help her out. By that I mean that once a week I come to her house, take her in the den, pull down her pants and finger her ass until she cums. Then I leave. She’s a very busy woman.

    It started as physical therapy. She had injured her leg hiking, and her doctor ordered a few sessions of PT to help her stretch the muscles out as they healed. She’s a stay-at-home mom going to school to learn some trade (I never did catch what), and otherwise just trying to take care of four kids, ages 4 to 11.

    The first few times I came over, she was really impatient. She put the oldest kid in charge of the youngest, told them they were not to disturb her, and took me back to the den (which was set up as some sort of home office) and I helped her through some stretches.

    The third time, however, something different happened. She was wearing yoga pants (god bless the man who invented yoga pants) and was doing a deep thigh stretch where she laid on her back and tried to pull one knee to her chest while she kept the other leg straight. The pose didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was kneeling on the ground next to her, and the tight fabric drawn across her groin clearly showed me the fold of her pussy.

    I tried not to stare, but when I looked up, I noticed that her leg was pushed against her rather large tits, and her nipples were poking through the fabric of her exercise top. Again, I tried to avert my gaze, and found that she was staring at me.

    Next thing I know, she’s grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh. I manipulated her leg up into the next stretch, but allowed my hand to slide further down her thigh than strictly needed, and brushed my knuckles along her pussy. All the while, she maintained intense eye contact with me, but the instant I touched her there, she gasped and then jumped up, thanked me and said we were done.

    I figured I’d never hear from her again, but she called me the next week to confirm our appointment. This time when I showed up, she once again emphatically told her kids not to disturb us, and practically pulled my arm out of my socket pulling me down the hall to the den.

    The instant the door was shut, she turned around and said “Here’s the deal. Do you want to do more like we started last time?” I said yes. “Okay, then here are the rules. I’m married, so I’m not going to fuck you, but you will come over every week and give me a… deep tissue massage until I achieve the sort of …release that I have trouble finding time for in my life. Can you accept that?”

    I had no problem with that, and over the next few weeks, she taught me what she liked. Not with words, you understand, it all happened very gradually. For instance, she wasn’t much for foreplay. At first I spent time teasing her nipples and thighs, and she would get really upset and tell me I was wasting time. Without exception, I find her already wet and ready to go.

    She quickly forbade penetration, but we discovered that she enjoyed being bent over her desk, having me pull down her yoga pants and thong, and then rub on the outside of her pussy until she cums. She likes a variety of motions, but mostly she likes me to start with a slow, circular, firm pressure massage of the entire outer vulva, not touching her clit directly, but manipulating it indirectly by moving everything around.

    As she got more turned on, the circles would get tighter and move back towards the opening of her pussy. Still not penetration, but teasing her opening, her lips parted, her inner lips dripping wet, opening and then closing, rhythmically, faster and faster until I would hear her breath catch and then she would tell me “Stop.”

    It was real funny, she never gave any indication that she was cumming — just bent over, gripping the edge of the desk with white-knuckled intensity, then “Stop.” If I couldn’t feel her pussy pushing and clenching against my hand, I’d never have any idea.

    Over time, I could tell it wasn’t quite working for her as well as before, and eventually I found an answer. One day as I was slowly moving my hand back from her clit towards her pussy opening, my hand slipped, and I found myself rubbing the taught bridge of flesh between her pussy and her asshole. Suddenly, it was like lightning. Her breath started coming more quickly and ragged, and then she let out a low, long moan before her usual “Stop.” No comment about my foray into the neutral zone.

    So next week I did it again, with the same results. And the next week. And then I went a little further. Before long, I was moving rather quickly away from her sopping wet pussy (which I swear was wetter every week) back to her asshole. She was so wet that it kept her ass nice and slick as well, and every week I started rubbing tight little circles around her asshole, applying more and more pressure until her breath came in short little grunts and she finished with a low moan.

    Finally one week, I got daring, and I slipped just the tip of my middle finger into her ass as I massaged her, and once again the results were astonishing. She started panting, and moving her hips, and I’d swear she was trying to get my finger deeper. So I obliged her. My entire hand was covered in her wetness, so I just slowly, carefully, slipped the entire length of my middle finger into her ass. She groaned, then with a wet sound her pussy gushed. She jumped up (popping my finger out) and looked really embarrassed, but didn’t say anything, and didn’t tell me not to do it again.

    So the next week, I teased my way back to rubbing circles around her asshole before finally sliding my finger in. This time she didn’t cum right away, so I slowly slid my finger back out and then back in. That did the trick.

    The next week she started making quiet little cries of pleasure as I slipped my finger in and out of her asshole, until she came again, squirting all over her pants, bunched around her ankles.

    The next week, as I stood there fingering her asshole, I accidentally whispered out loud what I was thinking: “You like it in your ass, don’t you?” Once again, she came all over my hand and her pants, her asshole tightening rhythmically around my finger.

    It’s been several weeks since then, and now we’ve gotten to where I fuck her asshole with two fingers, pushing forward towards her pussy, all the while talking dirty to her. I whisper filthy things the entire time, call her a whore and a slut, and she rewards me by gushing all over my hand.

    She still won’t let me put any fingers in her pussy, or touch her in any other way, but last week, for the first time, I took my cock out while I fingered her. I didn’t do anything with it, but I was rock hard, and it seemed to get her off when I told her my hard cock was out while I plunged my fingers into her asshole. All I could think about was what it would feel like to pull my fingers out right when she starts cumming and replace them with my cock. I think I’ll try that this week.

  • July 17, 2014 1:08 am

    We get by with a little help from her friend

    Sarah groaned as I thrust into her from behind. A wild, primal sound released from deep within. I gripped her hips firmly, sliding my cock out and then slamming it back in. As I did, her best friend Jenn lay beneath her, head between her thighs, tongue tracing circles around her clit.

    On her hands and knees in front of me, Sarah’s head was resting on one of Jenn’s thighs, spread invitingly beneath her. Jenn’s pussy glistened wetly, lips parted and clit protruding, having only recently been abandoned by Sarah’s tongue as she became unable to focus. My cock throbbed at the sight, and I pushed deep into Sarah’s cunt, feeling her friend’s tongue tickle my shaft as I did.

    The girls (roommates, as it turns out) had picked me up at the bar. I had been hitting on Sarah, unaware they were a package deal. Of the two, Sarah was a bit shorter, flirtatious, with dark curly hair, round hips, and ample cleavage on display. Jenn was more reserved, with short blonde hair, a thin, athletic build, and no real tits to speak of.

    I wasn’t sure what to make of it when Jenn got in the cab with us to return to their apartment, but I certainly wasn’t expecting them to start kissing and removing each other’s clothes as soon as we got inside. Sarah wore a lacy black bra which revealed large nipples with areolas the size of drink coasters. Jenn wore no bra at all, and when she removed her dark tank-top it revealed a delicious-looking pair of puffy, dark pink nipples, rising like hershey’s kisses from her small breasts.

    I began removing my clothes as well, while they continued to undress each other. Sarah’s skirt fell to the floor to reveal a bright blue lace thong, while Jenn sported a simple yellow pair of panties beneath her shorts, which gave way to a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Sarah, on the other hand, was completely shaved, with protruding pussy lips.

    I felt a bit left out, standing there naked with my cock in my hand as they got into the 69 position and started licking each other. It was undeniably hot watching them writhe and squirm as they stimulated each other. The wet sounds filled my mind and made my cock throb uncomfortably. Before I could make up my mind what to do, Jenn lowered her face from between Sarah’s thighs and told me to come put my cock in Sarah’s pussy.

    Jenn gasped excitedly as I stepped forward — whether from some trick of Sarah’s tongue or from excitement at what she was about to see, I don’t know. Jenn reached up with one hand and spread Sarah’s dark lips to reveal the bright pink interior, her creamy wetness revealing her arousal.

    I stood at the edge of the bed, gripping my cock. Sarah’s plump ass before me, her blonde roommate biting her lip and offering me her friend’s pussy to fuck. Instead, I pointed my cock down, and brushed it along Jenn’s lips. She gasped in surprise, then eagerly opened her mouth and took me in, tongue swirling around my head. After a moment, I pulled my cock out with a loud slurp, and positioned it at the entrance to Sarah’s pussy.

    I didn’t push into her right away, I just let my cock rest there, the head just tapping against her opening, her pussy lips parted eagerly around me, ready to accept me inside her body. I heard a muffled plea from between Jenn’s thighs as Sarah reacted to me teasing her… Then I thrust forward, filling her up all at once.

    Sarah reacted immediately, her head popping up and crying out at the sudden sensation, her pussy going from the intensity of a tongue on her clit to the fullness of a cock deep inside her. I heard Jenn make a soft moan, whether from the loss of Sarah’s tongue or from the sight of my cock slipping into her friend, directly above her face. I held still for a moment, and then started fucking her hard.

    Each thrust matched by a grunt, her head down, her ass up. She leaned on her elbows, breathing heavily, attention focused inward, not caring what kind of noises she made as I fucked her. I heard Jenn’s breathing quicken, coming in short, excited pants as she watched my cock slip into her friend’s cunt, and then slide back out, Sarah’s lips wrapped around my shaft, sucking and pulling at me as if reluctant to let me out.

    I felt it when Jenn lifted her head and began to circle Sarah’s clit with her tongue. She would also lick my cock as it slid in and out, running her tongue all over my shaft, around and between Sarah’s lips, and always returning to the hot pulsing center of her clit. I could see the shock as imagined jolts of electricity jumped from Jenn’s tongue to Sarah’s clit, traveling along her spine and ending at her nipples, her tits rubbing against Jenn’s belly as she lay panting and moaning on top of her.

    Sarah’s moans came faster and faster, and I tried to keep pace, matching her excitement as it rose, until eventually her cries merged into one long, gutteral shout and I felt her pussy convulse around me, hot and tight.

    "I’m about to cum," I groaned, her orgasm and Jenn’s tongue pushing me to the brink.

    "Don’t cum inside me!" She blurted, still rocking and gasping, her pussy still spasming around me even as she told me to pull out.

    I felt the first pulse of my orgasm, and slipped out, unsure if it would be in time, and was surprised to feel Jenn’s hand quickly point my cock into her mouth, and wrap her lips around my head, sucking hard, her tongue flicking against the opening.

    I cried out and thrust forward, mostly involuntarily. I felt Jenn gag for a second, her body spasming beneath Sarah’s still-moaning form, as my cock slipped into her throat. Then she seemed to open up and take me in completely, her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft, her throat tight and hot around me. I felt her tongue moving, and knowing she was tasting Sarah’s cum turned me on even more. My cocked pulsed over and over again, pumping my spunk into her.

    I cried out at the overwhelming sensation and leaned forward, my head dropping between Sarah’s shoulder blades, my entire body shaking with the strength of my orgasm as Jenn continued to work her mouth around me, my cock twitching in her throat.

    As it finished, I pulled my hips back and slid my cock out of her mouth until only the head rested between her lips. I reached my hands down and wrapped them around the back of her head, my fingers in her hair, and she moaned happily as she continue to lick and swallow the last of my cum.

    Later, I sat in an overstuffed armchair and watched as Jenn kneeled on the bed and Sarah stood behind her, pressing a vibrator to her friend’s clit and pulling on her nipples until she came, screaming, and squirted, a sudden spray on the sheets followed by a gush of hot milky fluid running down her thigh. As she sat there, breathing heavily, idly playing with Sarah’s hair and recovering, I found myself fully erect once more, and stepped forward. Jenn lay back on the bed with her thighs spread wide, her pussy open and inviting, as Sarah lay next to her, flushed and idly fingering herself.

  • March 27, 2014 1:15 am

    Ghost Cum

    I awoke with a start when I realized I wasn’t alone. The ghost was across the room from me, laying on the bed. I don’t know what surprised me most — that I had finally seen a ghost after so many months of searching, or that it appeared to be masturbating.

    It was nearly 3am, and the last night our group had to investigate the haunting at this old hotel. We had about 20 volunteers, stationed around the building, monitoring temperatures, checking EM fields, and attempting contact. I had been up all night for the previous two nights, and the exhaustion was catching up with me. I had chosen a room on the third floor that a previous investigator had reported some temperature anomalies in, and sat in the room, in the dark, attempting to make contact. I tried the usual appeals, speaking aloud to the room, asking any entities to make themselves known. Apparently after awhile, I had fallen asleep in the chair.

    I was wearing infrared goggles that illuminated the pitch-black room as though it were daytime. It removed all trace of color from my vision, and left the room a uniform greenish-gray color. The ghost was clearly female, laying face-down on the bed. My goggles showed me the outline of a flimsy gown, thin and insubstantial. It was shorter than expected — hardly the victorian-style gown popular culture would lead you to expect. Perhaps this ghost dated from more recent times?

    I was surprised at how clearly I could see its body — I had always expected a ghost to fade away below the waist, but this one’s lower body was clearly visible — her legs slightly spread, her round ass clearly showing beneath the gown. I could also see it (her) grinding her hips into the bed, one arm reaching under her stomach, moving rhythmically.

    Did ghosts masturbate? I had never heard of such a thing, but there were theories that ghosts were impressions left on the fabric of reality during periods of intense emotion — if trauma and shock could leave such a haunting impression, why not lust and love? And the longer I watched, the more obvious it became that this ghost was softly moaning in pleasure, not suffering.

    I found I could not speak — frozen with fear that if I made a sound, the ghost would vanish. After all, it had not manifested itself until I fell asleep. Perhaps it was unaware I had awakened? I tried to keep my breathing calm and even, and resolved to keep observing as long as I could.

    After a couple minutes, a new challenge arose (if you’ll pardon the pun). Despite the knowledge that I was observing a spirit from beyond, and the knowledge that this observation was scientifically priceless, my body was responding to this ghost on a more primitive level. I had expected to struggle with fear, but was unprepared for the throbbing erection that my first contact with the supernatural brought me.

    As she (I had difficulty thinking of her as an “it”) continued masturbating, my cock strained painfully at my jeans, until finally I could not help myself and reached down to adjust it. When this provoked no reaction from the ghost, I began slowly rubbing my palm against my erection.

    The ghost was really getting into it now. Her legs had drifted further apart, and her back arched slightly, her gown riding up and bunched at her hips. From my position sitting near the foot of the bed, I could see directly between her thighs to where her fingers were pushing in and out of her pussy, pulling out to rub tight circles around her clit before plunging back in again. Amazing how this non-corporeal being could emulate such a physical act. I began to wonder what it would feel like to touch the ghost — would it feel as physical as it looked? Would my hands pass right through it? My cock yearned for a more primal form of connection.

    As if in response to my growing arousal, the ghost suddenly shifted, pulling her knees up, her ass pointing right at me, fingers still buried in her pussy. Her shoulders rested on the bed (even appearing to make an impression in the covers!), and with its other hand it began squeezing one of its tits. The moaning became more insistent, filling the room, and my mind.

    Finally I could not resist. As slowly and quietly as I could, I stood up. When that didn’t trigger a reaction, I stepped forward. I was now right next to the bed, the ghost kneeling directly in front of me. I bit my lip, held my breath, and reached out with one hand to touch her hip, nervous about what sort of reaction this would provoke.

    Her physical manifestation felt solid and warm, not the cold insubstantial interaction I realized now I had been dreading. Fascinatingly, at my touch, she let out a startled cry, which sounded half nervous and half eager. Clearly this ghost was aware of my presence, but she did not look back or stop masturbating — almost as if she had been expecting this interaction. Emboldened, I grabbed her other hip, and squeezed, resulting in a pleased-sounding grunt and her breath coming more quickly.

    I admit, at this point, all thought of scientific rigor and observation had fled my mind. I was consumed with this ghost, the sight of her, the sound of her, even the unmistakably feminine scent of her. I ran my hands along her body, touching her hips, her back, her sides. She swiveled her hips with my touch, moaning happily as I traced up her inner thighs, running my fingertips over her own busy fingers. They were wet, and their motion carried my hand back, brushing over her pussy lips, and I felt her jump slightly as I traced a path up further, in a circle around her asshole, and then back down to feel her fingers pushing deeper inside.

    Before I knew it, I had undone my pants, letting them drop around my ankles, my cock jutting from my body, painfully erect. I pulled her hand from her pussy, leaving her lips glistening wet and open, while my other hand wrapped around the base of my shaft. I thrust my hips forward, my cock effortlessly slipping into her enveloping warmth.

    She groaned, a low animal sound, and pushed against me, trying to drive me deeper inside her. I was shocked at how hot her pussy was, and gasped at the feeling of her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft, feeling the soft pressure of her manifested body accepting my own.

    She was propped up on her elbows then, and began fucking me insistently, relentlessly, her ass lifting forward, sliding me nearly all the way out. The chill air of the room felt cold against the wetness she left on my cock before the heat of her pussy returned. She punctuated each thrust with a slight swivel of her hips that changed the sensation, the softness of her cunt rubbing against the sensitive head of my cock, leaving me nearly breathless.

    Feeling the familiar swelling in my balls, I gripped her hips tightly, and began thrusting more forcefully, pounding against her, each thrust bringing a sharp cry of pleasure. My breath became ragged as my entire world narrowed and focused on the intersection of my body with hers, my cock growing even harder in her cunt.

    She cried out loudly now with each thrust, wordlessly matching my own arousal, until I groaned, long and low, as I felt my cock begin pulsing and twitching, my cum pumping deep in the ghost’s pussy.

    Awareness of the situation came flooding back suddenly, and I panicked. What had I done? How had I so quickly abandoned our scientific endeavor? What right did I have to take advantage of this spirit, this apparition?

    I fled the room, not even pausing to clean up, just tugging my pants up as I ran, shame welling up from deep in my chest. I couldn’t bear to look behind me to see what happened to the ghost, I just ran down the stairs, tearing off my goggles, and heading to the lobby, where a few of our researchers were stationed at the camera monitors with the professor, our scientific advisor.

    They greeted me, and I barely acknowledged, pouring myself a cup of coffee I had no need for, just to have something to do with my hands as I gathered control of my emotions.

    My attempts at calming myself had mostly worked when the door to the room flew open again. I looked up in horror as the ghost followed me into the room. She must be angry at my violation, here to exact revenge!

    The icy chill of terror abated when the ghost made eye contact with me and looked on with no recognition. In the well-lit lobby, I could now see that her skin lacked the ghostly pallor my goggles had rendered her with, and the “gown” was now clearly a red silk nighty, low-cut and ending at her upper thighs.

    "Professor!" she yelled in an excited voice, "It worked! Your plan worked! The ghost was, indeed, drawn to raw sexual energy! Like we talked about, I picked a room we had seen temperature variations in, and lay down on the bed and had barely begun to masturbate when the ghost manifested! It touched me, and then…"

    At this point she seemed to realize she had a larger audience than just the professor. She made some attempt at covering her chest, and continued in a lower voice. “Well, let’s just say it interacted with me on a physical level, in ways we’ve never observed before.”

    "Holly, that’s incredible!" The professor seemed oblivious to her state of dress and the shocked stares she was eliciting from the other researchers. "Tell me you have some video evidence!"

    "Of course, Professor, I have the whole thing recorded on an infrared camera I set up in the room this afternoon. But it’s even better than that, I’ve got a sample of ectoplasm!"

    That is apparently when I passed out and hit my head on the floor. I don’t know what happened after that, but when I woke up in the hospital later that day, one of the junior researchers came to my room to return my gear and inform me that I was no longer welcome in the ghost hunting group.

  • January 10, 2014 12:27 am

    Shower Surprise

    "Oh my god, are you jerking off in here?"

    I startled at the sudden voice from behind me. My head was in the shower spray, one hand on the wall, and the other pumping up and down my cock. I was in the shower stall at work, having become distracted while grabbing a quick shower after biking into the office. The water was warm and I had been thinking about the hot blonde on the sitcom I had watched the night before, and when my cock got hard, I decided a quick wank before work would help clear my head. Apparently, I had forgotten to lock door behind me.

    "What are you doing in here, get out!" I shouted, stepping back, but not turning around, hoping my erection was concealed. The shower stall was pretty large, with just a tiled half-wall separating it from the rest of the changing room. Glancing over my shoulder I saw one of my coworkers standing in the door. She was wearing tight black lycra cycling gear, and a small bundle of her work clothes. As I stared in shock, she stepped in, shut the door, and began calmly undressing.

    "What are you doing! Why are you taking off your clothes?" I protested, as she peeled off her outer layers, revealing an orange sports bra and unassuming yellow underwear. Undeterred, she took off her bra and dropped it on top of her pile of gear on the bench, next to my own, and then stepped out of her underwear.

    "Oh get over it, you prude, I’ve got a meeting in ten minutes, and I need a shower right away. Just step out of the way and let me wash up." She was just a little shorter than me, with asian features and shoulder length black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her breasts were small, with dark, silver-dollar sized nipples, erect and standing proud. She had a small, neatly trimmed bush of dark hair concealing her pussy. She stepped into the shower stall, and moved like she was going to shoulder past me.

    "Stop it! I’m serious, get out!" I sidestepped to block her, keeping my back to her. The spray was mostly hitting me in the chest, some spraying around me onto her smooth, dark-skinned legs. I noticed she had bright pink toenail polish. My cock remained embarrassingly hard and the sight of her nudity wasn’t helping calm things down any.

    "Seriously, you can’t wait? Just let me get a quick rinse and you can finish in a second." She tried again to slip past me, and again I moved to block her, this time physically bumping into her. I felt her tits press against my back momentarily before she stepped back, and I felt my cheeks flushing.

    "Will you just leave? Stop forcing your way in here! I can’t… You shouldn’t…" I sputtered, not knowing what to say to make her leave and end my embarrassment.

    "Grow up. You’ve already seen me naked, I’ve already seen you naked, and I’m already wet. I’m not going to wait out there and get cold and miss my meeting just so you can spank your monkey in here." I blushed even harder when she said this, but remained standing firmly in the way, acutely aware of her presence behind me.

    "Ugh. Fine, I see you won’t got out of the way until you finish this, and I’m in a hurry, so…" as she said this, she stepped forward, but instead of trying to shove around me, she pressed against me from behind. I felt her hips against my ass, and her nipples on my back, as she reached around, swatted my hand away from my cock, and began stroking. One hand was wrapped firmly around the base of the shaft, the other loosely wrapped around my head, her fingers lightly rubbing up and down, caressing the tip.

    I gasped, and put my arms out to steady myself on the walls of the shower. My breath came in ragged bursts as she went from squeezing the base of my cock to reaching down to cup my balls. Inadvertently, my legs parted, and she pressed more firmly against me, rubbing her thumb over the tip of my cock, tracing circles around the increasingly sensitive edge of my head.

    I felt my cock thicken, and the head get larger under her attentions, the stirring deep down that indicated my impending orgasm. I had already been close, but I was astonished at how quickly she was getting me there — some combination of her obvious talent for this and my arousal at the unexpected situation. Feeling my cock throb in her hand, she growled in my ear.

    "Good boy. That’s right, you hurry up and cum so you can get out of the way," she said in a patronizing voice. I didn’t care, I was pumping my hips a bit now, driving my cock more aggressively into her firm grip, her fingers and thumb constantly playing around the sensitive ridge of my head, alternating between light and hard rubbing.

    I reached behind me and grabbed her ass with both hands, holding her body tight against me as I thrust my cock deeper into her waiting fingers, my orgasm nearly ready to erupt. As I pulled my hips back, her fingers stroking firmly up my shaft, I tightened my grip on her ass, grinding her pelvis against me. She let out a surprised grunt in my ear.

    I groaned low and deep, an animalistic noise that surprised me and began more frantically thrusting, fucking her grasping hands. My cock strained and pulled, ready to cum. I reached my right hand between our bodies, over her hip, running my fingers through her pubic hair, and felt below for the cleft of her pussy. Finding it, I was startled when my middle finger effortlessly parted her lips and slipped inside. Her pussy was tight, wet, and surprisingly hot, but I only got to feel it for a second before she said “No you don’t,” and arched her hips away from me, my finger slipping out of her.

    Quickly, I brought my hand up to my face and stuck my middle finger into my mouth, tasting the strong flavor of her pussy, just as my cock began to throb in her hands. She continued to rub and stroke through my orgasm, my cum spurting all over her fingers, before washing away in the water.

    After a moment, my cock became too sensitive and I pulled out of her grasp with a shudder, leaning to one side against the wall to catch my breath.

    Without saying a word, she stepped into the spot I vacated and began rinsing and rubbing her body under the spray. She ignored me completely and I stared as she caressed her body, touching her breasts, her hips, even between her thighs, in a quick, efficient, business-like manner.

    After just a couple minutes, she was done, and stepped out, grabbing a towel to dry off, and then calmly dressing in front of me. She put on a simple black padded bra, a pair of plain white panties, a tank top, some khakis, and a white button-up shirt. Leaving the top button undone, she grabbed her shoes, winked at me (still standing dumbly in the shower), and walked out.

  • July 31, 2013 11:24 pm

    The Interview

    I walked into the conference room and shut the door behind me. The room was fairly small, with a 4-person table, whiteboards on the walls, and some chairs around the perimeter of the room. There were two women waiting for me. The day was nearly over, and I was ready to go home. They had scheduled a full-day job interview for me, the day divided up into hour-long sessions with various people around the company who would decide if I was the right fit for the position. My last meeting was with the head of the analytics team, an attractive woman in her late 30s, with mocha-colored skin and short black hair. She was wearing a simple blue dress that flattered her figure, and stood up to shake my hand as I came in.

    Her name was Jina, and she explained that for the last portion of the interview, she had something a little different in mind. I groaned, expecting a series of ambiguous questions designed to evaluate creative thinking and problem solving. Instead, she introduced me to the other woman in the room, an attractive blonde in her mid-20s. Her name was Megan, and she was wearing a white dress with a low-scooped neck revealing some nice cleavage. The dress hugged her curves tightly, flaring at her hips and ending just below her ass at a length that wasn’t quite short enough to be scandalous, but she probably couldn’t bend over without flashing her underwear to the office. She wore cat-eye glasses and had long blond dreadlocks tied back behind her head. I admired her as we shook hands and turned my attention back to Jina, who was sitting down in one of the chairs against the wall.

    "You have 30 minutes to make her cum. The clock starts now."

    I blinked. I looked back and forth between the two of them, and got no response. Excellent poker faces on these two. Neither made a move.

    "Is this a jo—-"

    "Clock’s ticking." She sat back and crossed her legs, looking pleased with herself.

    I turned my attention back to Megan. She was standing against the table, hands on the edge, watching me carefully to see how I would react.

    I hesitated. I needed this job badly, and I was certainly interested in seeing what was under that dress, but I was worried this was some sort of trick. Would I be thrown out? Arrested?

    "Tick. Tick. Tick." she counted, glancing at the clock on the wall.

    I shrugged, and stepped in, grabbing the back of her head and kissing her firmly. She responded by gently leaning into me, parting her legs slightly. I accepted her invitation and stepped even closer, one leg between hers, and wrapped my arm around the small of her back.

    Because of the dreadlocks, I couldn’t slide my fingers into her hair as I wanted, so instead I pulled my hand down slightly, touching the back of her neck as I sucked lightly on her bottom lip. She responded by moaning and pressing her chest against me. I could feel the soft pressure of her breasts and suddenly I very badly wanted to remove her dress.

    I broke off the kiss and stepped back. She seemed confused, so I leaned back in for a moment, placing my hands on her hips and kissing the side of her neck, just below her ear. She breathed in sharply, and then allowed me to turn her around, facing away from me.

    I slowly unzipped her dress. As I did so, I made eye contact with Jina, who smiled and nodded as I pulled the zipper down to the small of Megan’s back, and then slid the dress over her shoulders. She rolled her shoulders, letting her dress fall to the ground, and then turned back around to face me.

    I slowly, pointedly, looked down and back up the length of her body. She was not too skinny, with just a touch of softness around her belly and thighs, and nice big hips with a round, grabbable ass. Her breasts were not huge, but not tiny either, maybe a B or C cup. She was wearing a white bra with light pink lace threaded into the edge of the cups, and a white lacy pair of boy-short panties that hugged her hips and ass just right. The sight of her, leaning against the table, her dress on the floor around her feet, caused my cock to surge.

    I stepped back in against her, and nuzzled her neck again. As I did so, I slowly slid one of her bra straps off her shoulder, kissing down her neck and across her collar bone as I did. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as I repeated the process on the other shoulder, this time continuing down from the shoulder, kissing she soft flest at the top of her breast, pulling her bra cup down as I went, exposing more and more of her pale skin until finally her nipple was exposed. It was soft and pink, the areola fading out gently to match the rest of her skin, but as I kissed and licked, working my way around her breast without touching her nipple, it changed, the nipple stiffening and the areola contracting, darkening in color.

    When I finally stopped teasing her and wrapped my tongue and lips around her nipple, pulling it into my mouth and sucking, she gasped, and placed her hand on the back of my head, gently pulling my hair, and pushing my face into her chest.

    While kissing, I reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, which she let fall to the floor as she squirmed and pulled her nipple from my mouth with a wet pop, and moved my head to her other breast where I repeated the process of teasing around, sucking just below her nipple, waiting until she was whimpering before I wrapped my lips around and firmly sucked, flicking with my tongue.

    After a minute, she tightened her grip on my hair and pulled me away. She was breathing heavily as she made eye contact and then hopped up onto the table, scooched back, and lay down, her feet on the edge, her legs slightly parted, and made a beckoning motion with her finger.

    I stepped forward and put my hands on her knees, and then slowly slid them down along her inner thighs, parting her legs wide. Her panties not quite fully covering her lips, peeking out around the edge of the lace, teasing me.

    I lightly ran my thumb along the fabric starting low near her ass and running upwards, tracing the shape of her lips, brushing against her clit, causing her to inhale sharply. She was watching me intently, our eyes locked. Not wanting to rush this, I lowered my head between her thighs until my mouth was nearly touching the thin lace fabric separating her lips from mine. I breathed heavily and her soft moan told me that she could feel the warmth of my breath. I leaned all the way in, and pressed my face against the fabric, breathing in the strongly feminine scent of her. I dragged my lips upward, and planted a kiss against the soft mound of her clit, then licked down the fabric, feeling her lips part slightly under her panties. I licked back upwards along the same path, and I think not all of the dampness was from my tongue. As I flicked her clit, I stood up, reaching up to her hips and grabbing the edge of her panties to pull them down.

    I paused, looking around me. She was laying flat on the table, her arms spread, gripping the edge, eyes shut, legs parted, ready for me to remove her underwear. I looked to the right, and made eye contact with Jina, who uncrossed and recrossed her legs, and licked her lips.

    I pulled Megan’s underwear off, revealing that she was completely shaven, which surprised me, given the dreads. I assumed she would have a more liberal body hair management policy, but apparently she liked to keep it bare down there. Her hips and belly were pale, her pussy lips bright pink, nearly red in comparison, pouting open, and clearly wet.

    She had opened her eyes again, and was watching me, breathing quickly, waiting to see what I would do next. Not wanting to disappoint, I slowly leaned down, pausing for a moment to breath deep, savoring the smell of her, before I slid my tongue between her lips and licked up the length of her, drawing a groan from deep in her chest which cut off abruptly as I circled my tongue around her clit, reaching between the soft pink button and the hood that protected it, and then back down the way I came, parting her lips until I reached her opening. Her taste was most strong there, at the source of her wetness, that powerful, sexual flavor and scent. I pressed my lips against hers and reached my tongue as far into her as I could, until the base of my tongue hurt from pressing against my teeth, licking up and in, trying to fill her pussy with my tongue.

    She wimpered and groaned as my tongue slid into her, and the longer I did it, the deeper I reached, the more she reacted, She wiggled her bottom under me, and pushed up, as if by grinding against my face she could get my tongue further inside. I grabbed her hips firmly, and held her down against the table, and worked my tongue in circles, licking around the outside of her lips and then pushing back inside. She was moaning incoherently when I shifted upwards and ran the length of my tongue against her clit, and she cried out softly when I wrapped my lips around her clit and softly sucked, pulling her hot flesh into my mouth, and swirling my tongue around it.

    By now, my cock was throbbing and almost painfully hard, straining at my pants. Quickly, I stood up, fumbling with my belt, her pussy juices all over my face, my own breath ragged. As I dropped my pants to the floor, my cock sticking lewdly out in front of me, I noticed she was staring at her boss. I looked over, and found Jina slouched in her chair, her legs spread, her skirt hiked up, rubbing slow, lazy circles over her black satin thong.

    "Remember your task," she said, staring at my cock.

    "I remember," I promised as I stepped back between Megan’s legs, one hand wrapped around my cock, pointed at her gaping wet pussy lips. I reached up to grab one of her tits, gently squeezing the nipple as I slowly entered her.

    "Interesting technique," I heard, from behind me.

    "Don’t worry, I’m going to make her cum," I said.

    "You’d better if you want to continue working with us," Jina said.

    I paused for a moment when I had fit my entire cock in Megan. I was buried in her to the hilt, and her pussy felt hot. It wasn’t tight, but I could feel it change as I went deeper, and when I was buried fully, I felt a tightness around my head that took my breath away. Her eyes were closed, and she was taking short, shallow breaths, waiting for what came next.

    As I pulled out, I moved my hand to rest on her pelvis, and reached down with my thumb to touch the shaft of my penis as it slid in and out of her. After a few strokes, I flicked my thumb up slightly to brush against her clit.

    She jumped as it from an electric shock and then relaxed. I did it again, and her breath caught. Then I began gently rubbing my thumb against her clit with every stroke, brushing up as I pushed in, and rubbing down as I slid out. She was gripping the edge of the table firmly.

    After only a minute of this, her breathing was ragged, her eyes screwed shut, and she was quietly cursing under her breath, muttering profanities as I fucked her. I felt her cunt open and close, tightening around me like a fist and then loosening until i was barely touching her. But the whole time, I kept up my rhythmic rubbing against her clit, and it was clear that she was approaching her orgasm.

    I could tell my own was building as well, and wondered what to do about that. I desperately wanted to shoot my load inside her, but wasn’t sure if that was allowed. It certainly wasn’t the task they had asked me to perform. My thoughts were interrupted by a hand on my shoulder, which reached around and slid down my chest.

    I felt Jina press up against me from behind, and she breathed in my ear. “You look like you’re getting close yourself, but don’t even think about cumming inside her. I can’t have you knocking anyone up during your interview. If you make her cum, then you can cum in my mouth, but not before you get her off, understand?”

    I groaned that I understood. Feeling Jina grinding up against me as I fucked Megan was nearly pushing me over the edge. I bit my tongue and tried to focus on the slow, steady, rhythm of my thumb on her clit. Her breath was coming in short, staccato bursts now, and I knew it wouldn’t be long.

    Leaning forward, I ran my other hand up her belly, between her tits, and up her neck to slide two fingers in her mouth. Immediately, she wrapped her lips around them and sucked. I slid my fingers further back making her deep-throat them, and sure enough, that pushed her over the edge. I felt her pussy spasm around me, and a wet gush of warm fluid trickling around the base of my cock and down my balls.

    "Nice work," Jina whispered in my ear, and I felt the surge begin in the back of my balls and knew I was about to cum. "Oh god," I groaned, and in one movement, I pulled out of Megan’s cunt and turned around, already pumping my cock, right as Jina dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my head.

    The sight of my cock, slick with Megan’s pussy cream, sliding between her boss’s lips was all it took, and my cock began twitching as I my cum pumped into her mouth. I groaned as she pushed forward, sliding down the length of me, deep-throating my cock even as I came, my cum pumping directly into her throat.

    I damn near passed out as she continued to suck as my orgasm abated, and even until my cock softened in her mouth. When she finally released me, I collapsed backwards into the chair she had been sitting in.

    I was sweaty and disheveled, my cock felt raw and swollen. Jina knelt on the floor, happily licking her fingers, while Megan was still sprawled across the conference table, completely nude, her fingers pressed between her legs, a wet spot on the carpet under the table.

    "I think you’re going to fit in here just fine," Jina murmured. "We can use people who know how to follow orders here."

  • July 18, 2013 12:17 am

    Pulling Out Sucks

    I could feel my orgasm building, the pressure in my balls as I thrust into her pussy. She squirmed below me, eyes closed, tossing her head back and forth, her red hair splayed out across her pillow. She was breathing heavily and grunting each time I pushed into her. She held her chest, alternately pulling on her nipples and squeezing her tits together, low, animalistic noises deep in her throat as I fucked her.

    Any second now, I knew I was going to cum, and I knew I needed to pull out. I wasn’t wearing a condom, and she told me she wasn’t on birth control. She had asked me to pull out and cum on her breasts, but the idea of removing my cock from her warm, wet cunt seemed inconceivable.

    I imagined, for a moment, how she would react if I just came inside her instead. Perhaps she wouldn’t notice right away, wrapped up in her own building climax, she’d notice only when I slowed down, removed my cock, and she felt the warm fluid dripping out of her. “Did you just cum inside me?” she would ask, confused, and increasingly irritated. “I told you not to!”

    More likely she would notice right away, as my pace changed, and she felt my cock twitching inside her. Perhaps she would even feel the heat as it was pumped into her. “What the fuck are you doing?” she would yell, pushing me away while I tried to keep my cock planted deep inside her. “Asshole!” as she gets out from under me and stomps into the bathroom.

    Perhaps she would be turned on, so wrapped up in her own rising pleasure that she can’t or doesn’t want to stop me, protesting weakly “No… wait… don’t cum in… oh god… don’t cum inside me… oh fuck… oh that feels good.” Her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me deeper even as she says no.

    Maybe the feel of my cum spurting inside would set her off, triggering her own orgasm. I imagine her pussy clenching around me, her mouth open, eyes closed tightly, moaning in pleasure, her cunt pulling at my cock, milking the cum out of me. Only after she catches her breath does she say “I thought you were going to pull out?” Still too flush with endorphines to protest too strongly.

    But no, I know I can’t do that to her, I’m a good guy, and I want to respect her wishes. So I focus on the sound of her breathing, and watch her squeeze her tits, and imagine cumming inside her, then, at the last second, as I feel the unstoppable tide rising, I pull out — the sudden loss of my cock causing her to moan — and quickly wrap my hand around the shaft and pump, the slickness of her pussy lubricating my stroke, and almost immediately cum, leaning forward so that it lands on her belly.

    She startles as the hot cum landing on her skin, and one hand slides down between her thighs and begins rubbing fast, tight little circles around her clit, legs spread wide, me kneeling over her, still stroking my cock, as I watch her own building orgasm.

  • May 23, 2013 12:22 am

    The Toy

    When the green light turned on, I felt a mix of emotions. I was eager, nervous, excited, and worried all at the same time. But mostly, I was just plain horny. With butterflies in my stomach, and my erection throbbing in my hand, I picked up the sex toy — its green light winking at me — and prepared to slip my cock inside it.

    The toy was a simple black plastic cylinder, shaped oddly like an ice cream cone. One end of the cylinder was made of soft, flesh colored silicon, molded into the shape of a pair of pussy lips, slightly open and inviting. On the other end was the green light, a power button, and another button labelled “send.”

    While I was waiting for the light to turn on, I had gotten ready by coating my cock in lube. The wait had seemed to take forever, but I was so excited by the thought of what I was about to do that maintaining my hard-on was easy.

    The toy’s lips parted around the head of my cock, and I slowly slid it down, watching it swallow me, until I was buried deep inside. Early models of this toy had been a simple sheath to masturbate with, but this new version was something more advanced.

    I groaned as I felt the interior of the toy warm and mould around me, taking on the now-familiar shape of her pussy. I bit my lip as the toy tightened around the base of my shaft, and then that tightness moved up and then back down. It felt like my cock was sliding in and out of a real pussy — which was exactly the point.

    The special thing about this toy is that it was part of a matched set: a sleeve for the guy to put his dick in, and a dildo for her. It was marketed as a aide for long-distance couples. The toys had wireless internet connections, and one toy would send information to the other. The sleeve could contract, squeeze, and stroke to replicate the woman’s vagina. Similarly, the dildo could swell and stretch to match the shape of the male partner’s penis.

    I knew she had a Tumblr where she posted sexy photos of herself. She had mentioned it to me one night when she got a little too drunk at the bar. We had been friends for years, and she had made it clear that we would never be more than that, but I made it my mission to find that site, and amazingly, I had! On the site, she had a wishlist, where she let her fans buy her things (mostly lingerie).

    And that gave me the idea. If I sent her a sex toy, she would assume it came from one of her fans. She would probably use it. So if I bought her the partner toys, and just sent her the dildo, I could turn on my end of the toy, and get off in her pussy (or as close as I was going to get).

    It worked perfectly. She even posted on her blog that she had received a very nice new toy from an anonymous fan, and that she looked forward to using it that night.

    Sure enough, around 11pm, I saw the green light switch on, meaning my toy was receiving a signal from her toy. I lubed up, and slipped my cock in, careful not to turn on the “send” function, and promptly had the best orgasm I’d had in months. I didn’t even have to move the toy — I just buried my cock in it, and the toy did the rest, rubbing up and down my shaft on its own, showing me what her pussy would feel like wrapped around my cock.

    I came quickly, and after pulling out, I watched, fascinated, as the toy continued to receive the signal from her for another few minutes, the moulded lips pulsing open and closed, my cum dripping out.

    Over the next week, I learned that she masturbated every night when she went to bed, and every night, I got off with her, feeling her pussy squeeze me, her lips wrapped around my shaft, imagining cumming deep inside her.

    But the timing was frustrating. After the initial rush was over, frequently she would finish before I did, leaving me with an unsatisfylingly inert sleeve of silicon to jerk off into.

    I began fantasizing about switching on the send function. I knew what would happen to her toy — it would change shape, adjusting itself to match my girth and length. As I got more aroused, and my cock swelled, so would her dildo. If my cock twitched, so would her dildo. And if I came, her dildo would mirror my cock’s throbbing.

    What I didn’t know was how she would react. It’s possible she wouldn’t notice the shape change. The dildo’s natural shape was meant to emulate an average guy, rather than a porn star, so it’s not like there’d be a dramatic shift. But what about when I came? Would she feel it? Would it set her off? Or would the unexpected sensation scare her, and keep her from using the toy anymore?

    As I felt the sleeve contract around me, and the pace of her thrusting begin to pick up, I decided to take the chance, and I hit the switch.

    Mercifully, she seemed not to notice, and continued fucking herself with a steady rythm, her pussy seeming to slide up and down my cock. The idea that she didn’t know she had my cock inside her thrilled me, and I felt my cock twitch. I wondered if she could feel it.

    My cock swelled, and I was almost painfully hard. I held the toy in place, and felt it pulse and squeeze, sucking on my cock. I imagined her naked, in her bed, sheets kicked down around her feet, legs spread lewdly, eyes shut, both hands between her thighs, thrusting the dildo (my cock!) in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

    It was too much, the knowledge that she was secretly fucking herself with my cock, and I felt the pressure building. My breath came raggedly, and I felt my cock surge as I pressed as deep into the toy as I could, the sensation of her pussy on my cock, the image of her own pending orgasm filling my head.

    I moaned, and then my cock began jerking and twitching as a powerful orgasm tore through me, and I began pumping my cum into her pussy. All at once, her pussy stopped sliding up and down my shaft, and I knew she felt it, my orgasm pulsing inside her. Was she freaking out? Was she enjoying it? I didn’t know, and right at that second, I didn’t care, I just felt her cunt tighten around me, as though to prevent me from cumming in her.

    For a long minute, my orgasm pulsed through me, and as my senses returned to me, I became worried. Had I gone too far? Had I ruined it? The idea that I might never get to feel her pussy again was horrible…

    Then I felt her begin moving again. Slowly, gently, her pussy slipped up and down the length of me. My cock, already started to soften, quickly stiffened again at the resumed sensation. She began thrusting faster, harder, pausing on each thrust with my cock deep inside, and then pulling out again.

    I moaned, feeling my body building towards a second orgasm, something that rarely happened to me. She thrust faster and faster, fucking me frantically, desperately. My cock throbbed painfully, and her pussy began to tighten around me.

    All at once, the thrusting stopped entirely, and I felt her begin contracting around me, pussy squeezing hard, pushing my cock out, and then just as quickly loosening, pulling me deeper. I imagined her crying out, burying her face in a pillow, or sucking on her finger as she came, and then once again I was cumming, my cock pumping inside her.

    After a few moments, we were both done. I imagined her lying in bed, trying to catch her breath from the unexpectedly intimate masturbation session, the dildo still inside her. My cock twitched, and a second later I felt an answering squeeze of her pussy.

    Another minute or two went by like that, just holding still, until finally the green light switched off. I sighed and gently slipped my cock out, and wondered if she would get off again tomorrow night.

  • April 18, 2013 11:58 pm

    A Birthday Present

    "Oh god," I groaned, "I’m gonna cum soon." My girlfriend made an approving noise as she kissed my neck, her breasts pressed against my arm next to me on the couch. Meanwhile, our neighbor sucked my cock further into her mouth. She was sitting on the other side of me, and was currently bent over my lap with her lips wrapped around my shaft.

    It was my birthday, and after the party ended, everyone had left except our neighbor, an attractive blonde who frequently came over for movie night. I’d had a slight crush on her ever since she answered her door one time in her pajamas with no bra on. I still thought of her sometimes when I was jerking off, remembering the shape of her tits and the way her nipples poked through the thin fabric of her top.

    The three of us had ended up on the couch watching one of my favorite movies. My girlfriend to one side, me in the middle and our neighbor on the other side. About halfway through the movie, my girlfriend had started teasing me a little, pressing her tits against my arm, touching my thigh, and whispering in my ear. I assumed I was going to get lucky later.

    I was startled when she reached down and started rubbing my cock, since our neighbor was still there, but I started getting hard regardless. I tried to be cool, and carefully avoided looking at our neighbor, who I noticed shifting around a little.

    I couldn’t have been more surprised when my girlfriend said “What do you think, is he ready?” and our neighbor replied “Let me see,” and also reached over and began fondling my erection.

    "Happy birthday, baby," my girlfriend said quietly. "I know it bums you out that I don’t like giving head, and I thought a good present would be to find someone who enjoys it."

    Our neighbor winked at me and began undoing my belt buckle. I watched as she unbuttoned my fly, and then slid my jeans and boxers down. I gasped as she wrapped her warm hand around my cock and began lightly squeezing and pulling. My girlfriend nuzzled my neck and breathed in my ear as our neighbor bent over and began stroking me with both hands.

    I didn’t know what to do with my hands — was I allowed to touch her? — so I put my right arm up on the back of the couch. Her head dropped down and she began running her tongue around my head, and giggled as my cock twitched in response. Then she wrapped her lips around me and began to suck.

    I groaned, watching her head bob up and down in my lap. My girlfriend smiled approvingly, and I felt my cock stiffen further. Our neighbor began to go further down, still squeezing the base of my shaft even as the head of my cock pressed against the back of her throat. My legs stiffened, and almost involuntarily, I began pushing my cock up into her mouth, eager for more, wanting to go deeper.

    She gagged a bit, and then resumed bobbing up and down on me, sliding my cock in and out of her throat, wet slurping sounds filling the room. I felt the pressure building and moaned, which made my girlfriend press up against my arm and begin licking and nibbling my earlobe.

    "I’m gonna cum soon," I repeated, my breath coming ragged now. My legs stiffened, and I reached down, running my fingers through our neighbor’s hair. She moaned as I gently pulled on her hair, and then pushed her head down as I thrust up into her mouth. She gagged, and started to pull back, but then she felt my cock began to twitch as I started cumming, and she eagerly continued slurping and sucking as I filled her mouth with cum. I felt it running down my cock, over her lips, but she kept bobbing. I tightened my grip on her hair, because the sensation was almost too much, and groaned as my orgasm passed, my cock pulsing in her mouth.

    She let me finish, and then began working her tongue again, which provoked another few twitches as she slowly slid my cock out of her mouth, and sat up, grinning.

    "Oh my god," I gasped, "that was incredible."

    My girlfriend sat up and leaned across me. “Thank you,” she said and kissed our neighbor, who seemed startled, but closed her eyes and kissed back.

    I watched my girlfriend suck on our neighbor’s bottom lip, and felt my cock begin to stiffen again…

  • October 30, 2012 11:54 pm


    The sound of quiet slurping made me pause as I passed her door. It was past midnight, and I was walking down the dark hallway towards the bathroom. Her door was open just a crack, and what I saw when I peeked inside caused my cock to instantly stiffen. She was laying on her stomach, facing away from me. The glow of her laptop screen was the only light in the room, but it was enough to see that she was naked. The video she was watching was of an older man face fucking a young teen girl. The slurping sound was her sucking on two of her fingers, plunging them into her mouth to match the pace of the video. Her legs were spread, and I could see that her other hand was busy rubbing her pussy.

    I hesitated for a moment. I was in town on a work trip, crashing on the couch of a old buddy. We hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years, but had stayed in touch online, and when he heard I was coming to town, had offered to put me up. I met the family at dinner, including his wife and two teenage kids — a son in high school, and the older daughter living at home while going to college. She had barely spoken two words to me since I arrived, and now I was watching her get off.

    I leaned against the doorframe, and began rubbing my cock through my boxers. She was eagerly plunging her fingers in and out of her mouth, and grinding her hips up and down on the bed. I watched the man in the video make his partner gag by shoving his cock as deep down her throat as possible, and she matched the move, shuddering and then gasping as she pulled her fingers out of her mouth.

    Confirming once again that I was alone in the dark hallway, I pulled my cock out of my boxers and began stroking my growing erection, craning my neck to get a better view. In the video, the girl had bent over, and the older guy pressed his cock against her asshole and slowly entered her. Still following along, I watched as my friend’s daughter arched her ass up, and reached back. Her hand was sopping wet, and she slid two fingers effortlessly into her ass. Clearly this was not the first time she’d done this.

    She gasped at the sensation, and then began sliding her fingers in and out of her ass to match the tempo of the video, her other hand still rubbing circles around her clit. My cock swelled in my hands, and I watched, wide-eyed.

    She didn’t last long — clearly this was her favorite part of the video. The girl in the video moaned and clawed at the sheets while the older man fucked her, and after just a few minutes, he grunted, and held still, cumming in her. When he pulled his cock out, his cum dripped out, running down her pussy and thighs.

    At the same time, the girl in front of me was plunging her fingers in and out of her ass with wild abandon, her hips pumping up and down as if she was fucking the mattress. The slurping sounds that had drawn me to watch were gone, replaced with heavy breathing. All at once, she froze, her fingers deep in her ass, and moaned quietly as her body rocked in the throes of an orgasm.

    My own cock was throbbing in my hands. The head seemed impossibly large, and I could feel the slick drop of precum beneath my fingers. My breath was coming ragged, and I knew in a moment, I would have to step away to finish my business in the bathroom, or risk getting caught.

    All that changed a second later, however. She shuddered as she slowly slid her fingers out of her ass and lay on her bed, panting. The video had ended, and the room was more clearly illuminated with the white light of her desktop, and I could now clearly see her asshole, pink and glistening, slightly agape, and her creamy girlcum smeared all over her pussy lips.

    Without thinking I stepped into her room, covering the few steps between the door and her bed. She rolled onto her back to see what was happening, and before she could say anything, I covered her mouth with my hand. Then I looked down and pressed my swollen, throbbing erection against her asshole. Pushing forward, my cock easily slipped fully into her ass. Her eyes closed and she moaned into my hand.

    As I slid my cock slowly back out, she rolled her shoulders, and I released her mouth. But before I could pull my hand away, she grabbed my wrist and sucked two of my fingers into her mouth. I groaned as she began fellating my hand, and pushed my cock deep into her ass. Quickly, we established a rhythm, fucking her ass and her mouth in time. She began squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples, and I felt my own orgasm building.

    She gagged on my fingers, and I pulled them out, grabbing her thighs and fucking her faster. Her ass was slick and wet, tight and hot. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, gasping for breath. Finally, I felt my orgasm peak. The pressure built from the base of my shaft, below my balls, and erupted upwards, my cock twitching and pumping deep in her ass.

    After a moment, I pulled out, and I watched my cum drip out of her onto her sheets. Her eyes were still closed, her hands still cupping her breasts. Without saying a word, I pulled my boxers back up and left her room, shutting the door quietly behind me.

  • July 2, 2012 11:41 pm

    I still dream about that ass

    Kneeling on my dormroom bed, she leaned back against me. I sucked hard on her neck, and grabbed her tits, squeezing her nipples between my fingers. My cock throbbed, nestled between her cheeks, and she swiveled her hips, grinding against me.

    Her dress and bra lay discarded on the floor next to my pants and shirt. My boxers had been flung across the room. She was still wearing a thong and fishnets with garters. She knew the garters drove me crazy.

    She gasped as I pushed her down in front of me. I gripped her hips and pulled her against me, pressing my cock against the already damp mesh of her underwear. Straining at the thin fabric separating us, I grabbed the back of her thong and gently pulled upwards, so it pressed firmly against her clit. I loosened my grip and pressed my cock against her again, and then pulled once more on her underwear. I was rewarded with a deep groan, so I kept tightening and loosening my grip, rhythmically pulling the fabric along her clit and lips, feeling her get more and more wet.

    Her breathing was short and shallow when I pulled her thong to one side and rubbed the head of my cock between her lips. She was dripping wet and her lips parted easily around me. I pushed forward and felt the length of my cock slip fully inside. She gripped the edge of the matress and buried her face in the blanket.

    As I fucked her, it felt like her pussy was sucking on me, her hot lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, tugging at me when I slipped out, and gripping firmly when I drove deep into her. After a few strokes she pushed back up onto her elbows, and grunted as I held her hips tightly and plunged my cock in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

    Her breath came faster and faster, and then she cried out and arched her back. The motion caused me to pop out of her on my backstroke, and she gasped. Quickly, I reached down, and grabbed my cock by the shaft, slick with her cream. I grabbed her hip and pulled her towards me. Still arching her back, I missed my target slightly, and then groaned as my cock slid slowly back into her warm, tight wetness.

    She seemed even tighter now, and the sensation as I ground into her was incredible. She was grunting and crying out, still arching her back, and I began to fuck her more quickly. As I built towards my own orgasm, my breath became ragged and I started to moan. She was gripping the edge of the mattress with white knuckles, biting her arm to keep from screaming, and I when I said her name, I felt her whole body stiffen, just as my cock began to throb and pump my cum deep in her.

    After a few moments of truly intense orgasm, my vision cleared, and I found she had relaxed, and was breathing heavily, arms spread at her sides. I was still holding her hips tightly, and I looked down to enjoy the sight of my cock in her pussy, only to discover that without realizing it, I had plunged my cock into her ass.

    We had never had anal sex before, and the realization caused my cock to swell momentarily, eliciting a deep groan from her.

    "If you ever do that without warning me again, I’ll kick your ass… But damn. That felt incredible."