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You know when you see that hottie at the bus stop, and without really intending to, your mind starts playing out an elaborate fantasy? You’re trying not to stare or be creepy, but you’re also trying to figure out what kind of underwear she’s got on, and you’re starting to get hard… And for the rest of the day, this daydream plays through your head, distracting you at work and making it hard to focus?

Yeah, this site is about those thoughts. Please read, enjoy yourself, and feel free to leave a comment.
  • May 3, 2010 5:52 pm

    Crowded Train

    The train was so crowded that she was basically forced to sit in my lap. The basketball game had just gotten out, and in seconds the train car was packed to capacity. I had been sitting in the solo seat in the very back of the car, listening to my headphones. The car had already been full enough that some people were standing. She had been standing right in front of me, facing away when everyone crowded on. With all the jostling, she got knocked back into my lap, and before she could get back up, the doors had shut, and there was no room for her to stand anymore.

    Our seat was facing into the middle of the car, with the back to the window. To the right was the back of the train car, and to the left was the back of a double set of seats. There was quite a bit of standing room in front of us, which was now packed full of people.

    She looked at me and shrugged, and I shrugged back, trying to stay casual. I wasn’t sure if she recognized me, but I sure recognized her. She frequently rode the same train home that I did, and she was definitely noticeable. She tended to wear short skirts and high heels, and when she walked her strut was so strong it was almost funny. I expected kettle drums to start playing like in cartoons. boom-ba-boom-ba-boom.

    Today she had on a flowy black skirt that came down to just above her knees, and a dark blue button-up shirt. Her short hair was clipped back behind her ears, which were bright red, probably because she was blushing a bit at our awkward situation.

    She tried to scoot forward, but as the train sped away from the station, the crowd shifted back towards us, and she ended up even more firmly in my lap. She grabbed the handhold of the seatback to her left, and shifted her weight a little — which put pressure right on my cock.

    I tried to ignore that, and not think about the hot girl sitting on me, but the heat of her legs and ass against my crotch, combined with the vibration of the train meant I was quickly getting hard. I caught myself staring at the back of her neck and imagining kissing it, and quickly looked away.

    I watched the scenery passing by and tried to think innocent thoughts, but it was useless. Every bump, every jostle, every movement of the train made me more aware of her. I tried not to move and hoped that my erection pressing into her rear wasn’t too obvious.

    All of a sudden, without saying a word, she reached down and pulled the back of her skirt out from under her. I looked around, shocked, but she wasn’t making eye contact. Miraculously, no one else was, either. Because of our position in the train, only the people standing right next to us could see anything, and they were all either facing away from us or had their faces buried in a newspaper. No one had seen what she did, and if they looked now, they probably wouldn’t notice her skirt hiked up a bit in the back. From the front, she was completely covered, but from behind, it was just her panties (and my pants) between us.

    Then she shifted her weight again, moving her hips around in a circle, and basically rubbing against my cock, which was nestled between her cheeks. I felt a surge of blood as I got even harder, and then she did it again. Her left hand, which was basically hidden from view between us and the next row of seats, reached down and gave my leg a squeeze.

    Taking this as my signal, I looked up again to make sure no one was looking, and then I moved my left hand between us. She lifted her weight just enough for me to slip my hand in. As I unbuttoned my fly, I could feel that she had some kind of lacy panties on, and then I pulled my cock out.

    She sat back down, and now my erection was between her legs, sticking forward. I could feel the rough texture of her underwear against the sensitive skin of my head. The heat between her legs turned me on even more, and she squeezed her legs together a bit, pressing me against her.

    For several minutes, we just sat like that, with my cock nestled between her legs, rubbing against her panties with every bump of the train. I was constantly scanning the faces of the crowd pressed around us, but nearly all of my attention was on what was happening under her skirt.

    I was starting to wonder what was going to happen next when the train went into a tunnel. She took advantage of the momentary plunge into darkness to lift herself up, pull her underwear to one side, and sat back down, all in one quick movement. Again, no one seemed to notice, and now instead of rubbing against her panties, I was pressed directly against her pussy.

    Again, she shifted her weight slightly, and I gasped a little when I felt her lips smoothly slip along my shaft. She was already soaking wet. Apparently I wasn’t the only one getting turned on by our forced intimacy.

    As subtly as I could, I tried to slowly wiggle myself around so that I would slip inside her. It didn’t work, but it did succeed in rubbing more of her wetness onto my head. After a minute I was starting to get frustrated when she took action — she pretended to sneeze, and took advantage of the sudden motion to quickly part her legs and lift up just enough, and then come back down on me.

    I froze, terrified that everyone would suddenly notice what we were up to. But all that happened is the guy reading his newspaper said “Bless You,” without even looking. She said thanks, and pressed her ass firmly against me, sliding my cock a little deeper in her pussy.

    The angle was awkward, we could barely move for fear of being discovered, and I can’t have been very deep inside her… but it didn’t matter. We were both so turned on by the idea of what we were doing that we might as well have been screaming in pleasure. I couldn’t believe how hot her pussy felt, and my cock was throbbing in excitement.

    She didn’t move at all, but because of the train, we didn’t need to move much. Every jostle and bump sent a shock of pleasure as I slipped a little bit in or out of her, and there was a constant, rhythmic vibration from the wheels on the tracks.

    I tried to carefully control my breathing and look like nothing interesting was happening, which was very difficult to do, as I felt her start squeezing me. Her cunt was tightening around my cock and loosening, just as if her hand was wrapped around me. I’ve felt girls squeeze me before, but I swear it’s never been so dramatic. I don’t know if I was just particularly aware because of the circumstances or if she was just talented in that regard, but the net effect was the same.

    Without moving at all, in the middle of a crowded train, we were fucking each other. As the minutes passed, I grew more sensitive, and I could feel the vibration of the train car deep in the base of my cock. Combined with the tightening action of her pussy, I was building up to an orgasm.

    I had no way to tell her what was going to happen, and even if I could, there was nothing we could do about it. That knowledge, that I was not only fucking this woman I had admired from a distance for so long, but that I was about to cum inside her, caused my cock to swell with pleasure.

    I breathed deeply, and then suddenly my entire groin was pulsing as I came. I felt her start slightly, and then press firmly against me again as I pumped my cum into her pussy. I wanted desperately to wrap my arms around her, squeeze her tits and bite her neck while I came, but instead I held as still as possible, with my eyes tightly shut, feeling every spurt with her lips wrapped around my head.

    After a minute, it passed, and I released a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. Looking around quickly, I saw that no one had noticed. The noise of the train and all the surrounding conversations combined with the tight press of people had effectively hidden us in plain sight.

    Even more surprising, however, was that we were coming into the train stop. Somehow the entire half-hour ride had passed. I was grateful that the timing had worked out. She stayed sitting on me as we pulled into the station, even when my cock softened and slipped out of her. I could tell we were both a wet mess down there, but there was nothing we could do about it just yet. Once the doors opened, everyone was in such a hurry to get out that no one was looking as she stood up. Her skirt slipped down, neatly covering her up, but I had to move quickly to button my pants back up. They were a bit wet, but nothing too noticeable, I hoped.

    I looked at her as we walked off the train, unsure what, if anything, to say, but she just winked and walked away. I laughed and headed for the bathroom to clean myself up.

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